Caffè Mauro Coffee Beans Roasted Organic Coffee Blend – 1kg



  • 100% Arabica (Central & South America)
  • Organic & Fairtrade coffee
  • Caramelised notes
  • Dark Italian Roast
    • 1kg coffee beans




    The price:-

    250 gram = 4.71BD
    1 KG = 9.90BD
    Over 50 KG = 9.91BD per KG
    Over 100 KG = 8.41BD per KG
    Over 500 KG = 7.92BD per KG



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Caffè Mauro ‘Roasted organic coffee blend’ coffee beans: A subtle blend of Arabica from Central & South America. Certified Organic & Fairtrade. A strong coffee with slight notes of caramel and just a hint of bitterness. Very dark Italian roast. 1kg coffee beans.

Caffè Mauro organic coffee:

The famous Italian roaster has launched a 100% Arabica coffee bean from organic farming and Fairtrade certified.

This coffee is a blend of the best harvests from plantations in South and Central America.

In the cup, you will find slightly caramelised notes with a hint of bitterness at the end!

Ideal for Italian coffee lovers!


The price:-

250 gram = 5.5BD
1 KG = 11.9BD
Over 50 KG = 10.9BD per KG
Over 100 KG = 10.4BD per KG
Over 500 KG = 9.9BD per KG


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